What are the most frequent Siri questions?

I admit it. As an Apple ecosystem user, I am an absolute fan of Siri, and I use the voice assistant quite often to do small daily things. In connection with my Apple Watch, this is a real helper. And if you have an iPhone or Watch, you might do the same. But haven’t you […]

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Beautiful New York

New York is a city worth a visit 365 days a year. There is really no “good time” to be there, neither is there a bad one. I love its charm in winter the same as in spring, while of course for walking around town, it’s good to have a nice temperature outside. What is […]

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Why we all travel

Time to be a bit philosophical today. And I asked myself, why are we all traveling all the time? I mean, apart from those many of us who have to do it for their business, work or other vocation. But traveling is and remains a habit people generally like. I find myself constantly looking for […]

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