Traveling light with the iPad

When you travel, do you still carry all of the same gear you used to carry with you 10 years ago? Laptop, notebooks, product brochures, plus clothing and all the other indispensable stuff? Or do you travel light, making use of technology that can make life easier? Tools like the iPad can really easen your […]

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Beautiful New York

New York is a city worth a visit 365 days a year. There is really no “good time” to be there, neither is there a bad one. I love its charm in winter the same as in spring, while of course for walking around town, it’s good to have a nice temperature outside. What is […]

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Why we all travel

Time to be a bit philosophical today. And I asked myself, why are we all traveling all the time? I mean, apart from those many of us who have to do it for their business, work or other vocation. But traveling is and remains a habit people generally like. I find myself constantly looking for […]

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