5 Ways to Get a Better Airplane Seat

Last month I was travelling to Los Angeles from Europe and I really asked myself, why should I force myself twelve hours into a small uncomfortable seat in between of two snoring, ugly-smelling fat guys, not being able to stand up, and then pay $1,200 for the airfare? I am travelling a lot in my […]

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Dream Travelers

Some of us travel because they like to live their dreams, and some of us travel to get inspired. What is the magic of “getting away”? For sure being constantly “on the run” means not having to be tied to one single place, to one single location. Any many travelers, as they love freedom, enjoy […]

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Hotel Bathroom Amenities

Real good hotels for me always differentiate from others not only by service and quality, but by paying attention to details. The hospitality business is all about those details. Paying attention to details means doing things with all our heart. It’s what people feel when they are treated well. It’s what makes people come back.

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