Beautiful New York

New York is a city worth a visit 365 days a year. There is really no “good time” to be there, neither is there a bad one. I love its charm in winter the same as in spring, while of course for walking around town, it’s good to have a nice temperature outside.

What is the special charm of New York? To me, this is still a riddle I still haven’t solved. It could be its role in American history, from serving its role as a port of disembarkation for immigrants to the economic history. But there’s more to this city. Its role as a financial capital of the world, for example. Even now, in times of a strong Asia, Middle East and even Europe, New York remains as a special place for business. Unshakable even in face of terrorist attacks.

Skyline of Manhattan, seen from Brooklyn

No city in the world has such a rich history of bold, historic buildings, like the Empire State Building, or hundreds of other nameless skyscrapers in mid- and Downtown. Walking through these streets, one can sense the history of finance, wealth and big business. It gives a special charm, at least to me. And it contains a mystery that will never be entirely solved.

To me, it’s inspiring. Yes, walking the streets of New York inspires me. To be bold. To be great. To know that I can achieve anything if I want it hard enough. And that, in the end, even a big city like New York is just a village. A village in a global nutshell called Earth.

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