What are the most frequent Siri questions?

I admit it. As an Apple ecosystem user, I am an absolute fan of Siri, and I use the voice assistant quite often to do small daily things. In connection with my Apple Watch, this is a real helper. And if you have an iPhone or Watch, you might do the same. But haven’t you ever asked yourself, what those most frequently asked queries are that Siri needs to answer every day?

With this question in mind, I have searched the web. And the answers I got were quite surprising. First of all, there are no official stats on what Siri is being asked. Apple is very restrictive with that. But a look on Google’s top list for their digital assistant (which is being published. Thanks Google.) tells us a hint: Last year, it was the question “What is zero divided by zero”. And the reason is not that suddenly kids become interested in math, but rather the sassy and funny Siri response to it (you know, the one with the Cookie Monster). So without a doubt, the most frequently asked question for Siri is “What is zero divided by zero”.

But apart from this and other silly questions that first-graders nowadays already know by heart, which would be the things Siri is most frequently asked to do? In the lack of an official response by Apple, I give you my personal favorites below that I use all the time. Feel free to share yours below!

This is a top-five list of things I ask Siri all the time, one being the most frequent.

  1. Call XYZ – I use Siri to look up and dial friends and family quite often, especially in the car or when I’m walking with full hands (on my Watch). It saves lots of time and the possibility for error is very low.
  2. Countdown XX minutes – one of the coolest Siri features (especially using Apple Watch) is the countdown feature. I am a notorious multitasker, and I use countdowns for everything from baking pizza to soaking noodles to bidding on e-bay. Sometimes people I call ask me to call in five minutes – guess who I ask to remind me!
  3. Remind me at XX:YY to do XYZ – similar to the countdown feature, this is a handy way of reminding me to do things later in the day (or when I leave home). Used once almost every day.
  4. What’s the weather in ZZZ? – As a frequent traveler, having a close watch on the weather is important. I use it before going out in the morning or during my bag packing. Or ask for recommendations in that place – like the best restaurants in Singapore.
  5. Converting units – just like How many grams is a cup of flour? Conversion is a task I hate to do so I like to let Siri do it for me. Unfortunately, error rates are quite high and I keep getting frustrated. Either Siri doesn’t get the numbers right or it doesn’t recognize the units. If all things fail, I’ll let Siri do a calculation (if I know the conversion).

These five things make up probably 90-95% of my Siri searches. I know it can do so much more, but frequently when Siri doesn’t do things the right way I get frustrated and will not let Siri help me anymore. I hope Apple upgrades Siri’s capabilities of logical thinking to help it distinguish nonsense responses from good ones. And to learn about the context and life habits of the owner. We can then ask Siri anything!

What are your top Siri questions that you use (apart from messing around with her)?


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