Seoul of Asia

While roaming through South Korea’s bustling capital last month, I saw a funny sign. It said: Welcome to The Seoul of Asia. And it made me think: This is true! Korea captures in so many aspects all the different sides of Asia, even if it seems a bit different than the rest. To me, this […]

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The Kyoto Protocol

You can’t really do a trip to the Japanese city of Kyoto without stumbling over those words: The Kyoto Protocol. It’s weird how an act of politicians in a small, historic place can change the world’s economic and ecologic life forever, and shapes the image of a city. Well, at least what you expect of […]

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Inner Spaces

Sometimes, we travel to get our space, our freedom. We can literally feel the freedom flowing through our veins when we enter an airport, or we unboard a plane on a tropical island. But sometimes it just stays the same. Because traveling alone doesn’t make us free. We always take ourselves with us on our […]

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