Why we all travel

Time to be a bit philosophical today. And I asked myself, why are we all traveling all the time? I mean, apart from those many of us who have to do it for their business, work or other vocation.

But traveling is and remains a habit people generally like. I find myself constantly looking for opportunities to get away, to make an escape. To get to know the world. Can it be that it is a hidden desire within all of us to get to know the place we’re living in? To expand ourselves into the space available on earth? To find the one place for us where we ultimately belong?

Traveling for me, after all, is a very special kind of pleasure. I travel a lot for business – but I do lots of leisure, too. As much as I can, I combine both. Because why should a business trip remain strictly business and boring? I love to spice it up with a little sightseeing here and there, enjoying some of the local food, visiting with some people I know around the world.

To a traveler like me, it is important to not only get around but to also be in touch with the culture and people wherever I go to. I love to make friends wherever I go, and to keep them as friends. Not for the sake of getting to know people (and add a bunch of Facebook friends), but to really have some people who I care about all over this place called earth.

Nowadays, cheap air tickets make the whole earth a nutshell. For myself, I believe it to be this way. I believe we have the freedom to choose where we want to go, where we want to live, who we want to spend our time with. The earth is a small village, after all. And I am proud to be a citizen of this village called Planet Earth.

4 thoughts on “Why we all travel

  1. I recently wrote a blog post on this and completely agree with you. I particularly like your idea of us being citizens of this village called planet earth and that we have, or should have, the freedom to go where we want to go.

    I think for me, I managed to (sort of) sum it up in one sentence: How can we know that we have what we want if we don’t know what else is out there to have?

    Great post!

  2. hey wonderfulworldgirl!

    i think it pretty much sums it up…getting this feeling of “its all there”. And its all there for us to take. We just have to do it!

    Love your idea of getting to know all that’s out there to choose because thats so me!

    Lets explore!

  3. I totally agree with you. Also, for me it’s somewhat of a self-discovery journey. Thanks for posting this!

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