My Global Eatlist

Global Restaurant Eatlist

Congratulations! You have discovered my very secret and personally curated Eatlist, which is a list I keep on restaurants and eateries globally and update regularly. I have visited many of these places, and if not, I am planning to do so shortly. Make sure to bookmark this page!

While you might have heard of some of the places mentioned here, a lot of these restaurants are rare finds or new and up-and-coming. They are based on personal recommendations or discoveries during travel, and a few are also based on travel magazine research.

In curating this list, my ultimate priority is the food experience and quality. The types of restaurants range from high-end upmarket design places to street food stalls.

Bangkok, Thailand
Hongkong, China
Shanghai, China
Tokyo, Japan

Barcelona, Spain
Berlin, Germany
Istanbul, Turkey
Madrid, Spain
Paris, France
Prague, Czech Republic
Rome, Italy
Tel Aviv, Israel
Vienna, Austria

Atlanta, GA
Los Angeles, CA
Miami, FL
Minneapolis, MN
New York, NY
San Francisco, CA
Washington, DC

Guadalajara, Mexico
Lima, Peru
Mexico City, Mexico
São Paulo, Brazil