Alinea goes Madrid

Alinea, the 3-Michelin-starred restaurant of celebrity chef Grant Achatz based in Chicago, will close its doors for a month in January 2016 and move to Madrid, Spain. The restaurant is considered one of the top restaurants in North America, with its creative cuisine and perfectionism engrained in every dish. The Madrid Pop-Up will link Achatz’ unique approach together with Spain’s rich heritage in fine cuisine, perfected by master chefs like Ferran Adria or the Roca brothers. Sounds like the perfect combination.

Spanish culinary excellence Spain has a rich heritage in culinary excellence

Ticket sales will start now, and every month a number of additional tickets will go on sale. As the restaurant, located in the NH Eurobuilding hotel, is rather small, only a few lucky diners each night will be able to enjoy this unique gourmet experience.

Tasting menu prices start from a quite fair € 275, however the first week Alinea plans a double-dip evening experience with dinners in both the Alinea Pop-up as well as DiverXO, a three-star restaurant located in the suburbs of Madrid. This experience will take diners to both restaurants in the same night, enjoying a unique and coordinated tasting menu that promises to be out of this world. I am sure it will be. The price for that one is set to € 500, excluding wine pairing of course.

This unique opportunity to experience Grant Achatz in Europe is for sure a rare one, and will be sold out in minutes after the opening of the spots. Anyway, I will probably see you in line, because I will be there to take a chance at a seat!


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