The Year Man Learned to Fly

Something big happened last year. Most people have almost not noticed it, but there was a small revolution going on throughout the world’s parks, gardens and meadows: Ordinary people were given the power of flight. Their vehicle: Drones.

The impact of these little flying bees cannot be overlooked. Suddenly, there is no place on this planet that we can’t go, effortlessly, across fences and dangerous cliffs. We just take a camera drone, fly there, and take amazing footage. Holiday pictures suddenly look amazingly different: Now the shots are taken from above, in perfect quality, and even in Steadycam-Style professional 4K video.

The future is no longer the future, it is already here. These machines are available for under $1000 and anyone can fly them, no assembly necessary. Christmas 2014 has shown a surge in drone sales as never seen before. People still curiously gaze when one is being launched in the park, but this is just now as these things are new.

The danger is, people might abuse drones and make all kinds of bullshit with them. They might crash over highways, cause accidents, injure people, violate neighbors’ privacy, reveal business secrets. And the potential for drones to molest people is high. It is to be foreseen that the use of these aerial vehicles will be regulated more strictly soon because society can only deal with so many stray unmanned objects in the sky.

It remains to hope that people will use these new amazing tools responsibly and they adhere to certain unwritten rules as to not molest or endanger other people. If this goes the right way, there is a chance for something big and nice to grow, and I am looking forward to a whole new world of pictures and videos taken from a new perspective.

One thought on “The Year Man Learned to Fly

  1. In which countries do you fly your drones? Have you experienced any feedback and/or difficulties? What are some of the best tips to get a perfect shot? Share your experiences here!

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