Finding Bangkok’s best Chicken Rice

For many Thais in and out of Bangkok, Chicken Rice / Kao Man Gai (ข้าวมันไก่) is one of the essential dishes. In fact, probably for most of Asia. In many countries I visited, including China, Singapore, and Malaysia, the famous Chicken Rice is one of the things people will long for. In Bangkok – which […]

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Bangkok Confidential

I love coming to Bangkok over and over again. This city is so fully packed with surprises and is changing dynamically, I think I can never get tired of it. There are thousands of beautiful restaurants and flavors to try, and even more shops with all the exotic things you can imagine. Plus, Bangkok seems […]

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Shangri-La Bangkok Hotel

Bangkok is one of those cities where you probably could spend a lifetime trying out all the great hotels there. There are more 5-star hotels than in any other city in the world, and those 5 stars are worth so much more than anywhere else. Bangkok is the global reference for the hotel and hospitality […]

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