My Barcelona Eatlist

Barcelona could as well be named the world’s culinary capital. There is probably no other city in the Western Hemisphere that offers more gastronomic choice and quality. The best and freshest ingredients from the sea and gardens are paired with a tradition of perfection and creativity in food. A happy place!

In Barcelona, you will find many choices of venue types and I suggest you try going to several. From simple fresh market food stalls to rustic tapas-and-wine bars you can eat your way up to the very top of gastronomic Michelin-starred restaurants. The good thing is: They’re all amazing!

Find below a small choice of the places I love.


Enoteca Paco Pérez – high end dining in the Hotel Arts Barcelona

Moments – Very creative Spanish cuisine

ABaC Restaurants – A must-see extremely creative restaurant.

Disfrutar – The former chefs of legendary El Bulli have created a gastronomic temple that is hard to get a table. Try anyway.


Gresca – Chef Rafa Penya is transforming simple ingredients into real masterpieces.

El Mall – Beautiful setting in the Crowne Plaza Hotel, amazing food.


Direkte Boquería – very high quality traditional Spanish food

Feroz – the place for getting high quality grilled meat


Sagàs Pagesos i Cuiners – a high end Tapas bar by Michelin star chef Oriol Rovira. Probably the best in town.

Dos Pebrots – A traditional very good tapas bar

Suculent – a high end tapas bar run by famous chef Carles Abellán

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