Tesla: Free Supercharging is Back!

Remember how Tesla pulled the plug on free supercharging earlier this year for all new deliveries? According to Tesla CEO Elon Musk, the lifetime free supercharging was primarily designed to be a benefit for early adopters and was always planned to be phased out. Supercharging is tied to a particular individual car and allows owners to recharge at high speeds at one of the 1000+ Tesla Supercharger locations, all for free and unlimited. For all deliveries 2017 and beyond, Tesla will offer only about 400kWh for free per year, which is about as much as you need for a few extended summer holiday trips. For the rest, you’d have to pay (at a very fair rate). No wonder the “old” Tesla Model S and X with supercharging still enabled have shown excellent value retention – free gas for a lifetime, who wouldn’t want that! But it’s gone.

It was gone – but now there is a limited offer where free Supercharging is back! Tesla offered codes to its early customers to give a buyer not only free lifetime supercharging, but also a $1000 (or in Europe, €1000) rebate. The limit is five Tesla orders per code. As I have a code but no one who is planning to buy a Tesla at the moment, I give my code out for free for anyone wanting to order one. But be fast, the offer is time-limited. Please do not share this code with anyone, because I need to take it down after reaching the five used codes. After this, the code will be worthless.

Here it is: http://ts.la/markus5905

Have fun!

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