Isla Mujeres Wedding

Ladies listen up. This one is for you. Isla Mujeres, one of the most beautiful islands in the Gulf of Mexico, is dedicated to you. And I had to go there and see for myself to know why. But more on that later on.

This little island is situated on a very privileged spot, just off the coast of Cancun, Mexico, in the shallow turquoise waters of the Gulf of Mexico. It is home to some real unique boutique hotels, such as Casa de los Sueños (The Dream House). The small road that connects the island’s north and south can be driven on rental electric carts, or you just walk.

Sunset over Isla Mujeres

There is a nice restaurant and café scene in Isla Mujeres all over the island, and most beach lounges have an unobstructed sunset view. Isn’t that great?

As you might imagine, this place is big for weddings. And for a reason, because there aren’t any better places than this one to have a beach wedding in the white sand. I once attended one, and those are memories that last a lifetime.

Isla Mujeres Turquoise waters

Tired of island life? A short boat ride takes you right into the heart of Cancún with all its bars, clubs and restaurants. Just make sure you catch the boat back to Isla Mujeres to be in time for the wedding.

Anyway, there’s always a Margarita to convince you to stay. It’s holiday time, after all.

So why do I think this island has been dedicated to the Ladies? Well, that’s easy to say: Because it’s the most beautiful thing in the entire world.

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