The Colors of Summer

As this summer 2015 is coming to an end, it is time to take a first look back. How have you perceived this summer? What are the colors you associated with it? For me, each summer has a different color scheme.

This very summer has been, in my eyes, a very yellow and also mellow summer. The intense heat was reflected in every image i took, and there were countless opportunities to capture the richness of that magic yellow light that the searing sun brought out on many evenings.

As a photographer, each summer evening brings a new quest for that perfect picture. Which position gives the best sunset view? How many good evenings will we even have? And which scenes do I want to take this summer? Because if you count it, there’s usually maybe 10 or 20 of these perfect nights. That’s not a lot, because it means 10 or 20 locations, and at the end of the day only a handful of really nice pictures.

So embrace summer, pick a few of your favorite locations where you want to bring out the best and give it all when that magic summer evening yellow light comes out!

Grass: Colors of Summer

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