5 ways to eat better on airplanes

Airplane food can be very different, depending on the airline. But in most airlines, let’s face it, it sucks. Not only do they serve overcooked, tasteless meals – in many cases it’s always the same choice: Chicken or Pasta.

Honestly, some of the airlines out there would be better off by not serving any food at all. Or serve a decent meal. I mean, how much can a good meal cost? Five dollars, if you produce it standardized for every passenger? How much satisfaction could an airline generate among their customers?

Luckily, there are some airlines that do care about their passengers. And for those who don’t, here’s how you can still have a good time and good food.

1) Order Ahead

Some airlines let you order food packages ahead for a fee. Austrian Airlines, for example, offers a choice of three to four restaurant-style meals with great taste for only about $20. They do it on short-to-medium haul flights as well. Imagine the faces of those around you, looking first at you and then at their little bag of peanuts. Priceless moments guaranteed – this is my favorite!

2) Make It To Go

For most airlines, this is the most viable option, because not all offer order-ahead options. Most airports have deli restaurants near the gate area, and let you buy them packaged to go. Just make sure that it’s not some overly smelly stuff (think garlic prawns) or something that tastes bad when cold. Better still: Get something cold. Because you WILL alienate those around you when you start eating immediately. Do it when all others get their food or drinks. I like sandwiches, dips and Chinese food particularly. Again, a little preparation lets you have a better experience.

3) Bring Your Own

I have seen people approach the cabin crew to heat up food that they’ve brought from home. And guess what? No problem! Just make sure that your food comes in a container that withstands the heat of a galley oven. Nuts, crackers, sweets and such don’t need any heating and still make for a nice snack.

4) Shift Your Meal

If you have a frequent flyer card, airlines will let you enter their VIP lounge prior to the flight. On most international flights, as well as in most Europe and Asia, airlines will also cook for guests. And more and more, this food is much better than the onboard food. Plus, you can take a refill. And – it’s free! So why not shift your meal and fill up your stomach BEFORE the flight?

5) Fly With a Good Airline

The airline industry has become very creative in finding ways to better serve their customers. If you have the choice, why choose one that serves you badly? If food is important, and ticket prices are similar, I always try to opt for airlines that serve me well.

Some of the airlines that always have good food, even in Economy Class, are for example:
Austrian Airlines

Singapore Airlines


Turkish Airlines

What other tips and tricks do you have? Post your comment down below!

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