Traveling light with the iPad


When you travel, do you still carry all of the same gear you used to carry with you 10 years ago? Laptop, notebooks, product brochures, plus clothing and all the other indispensable stuff? Or do you travel light, making use of technology that can make life easier? Tools like the iPad can really easen your luggage by a few pounds, which you for sure could make better use of.

The question is, can we really replace everything with tablets and smartphone, and where are the limits? Let’s explore what’s possible in these days and how you get it done the right way!


The most obvious thing, an iPad takes away the burden of carrying u. books with you on your trip. For business and leisure travelers alike, this means huge weight savings. Of course, out uuuliion the beach, a real book might be easier and nicer than an iPad which needs to be protected from sand, moisture and heat.


Also a standard feature of tablets like the iPad, of course it lets you handle all of your e-mail accounts in one place and , like with your good old laptop. Just smarter.

For shorter e-mails and responses it is just perfect, but if you have more to say, the iPad keyboard gets a bit clumsy. You might think about getting an external Bluetooth keyboard, which is an awesome way to extend the iPad’s mileage range.

Office documents

With the launch of Apple’s iWorks products for iOS, the iPad now has an almost complete office suite. Again, the compatibility to Microsoft is not a 100%, but I would estimate that 95% of the ings work just as they do in Microsoft office. If you don’t have a full book to write, that might be just what you need. Buy the VGA adapter cable, and you can connect to any meeting room projector and present right from the Keynote app. And use your iPhone as a remote.

The iWork apps also work great with our SharePoint server, which acts as a repository for exchanging documents with our back office staff. You can both open and save documents right from Sharepoint directly out of the app.

Signing documents

I use the iPad to electronically sign PDF documents and send them via email. Office staff can scan documents, email them to me, and I use an app called PDFpen to sign it right with my fingers, or with a touchscreen pen. Very practical. And when you need to scan paper documents, just use apps like GeniusScan to make PDFs out of them easily.

Handling and storing all kinds of stuff

Whatever comes my way during a trip, I use the app Evernote to store it and save it in a cloud account. You can store virtually anything in Evernote, like photos, PDF documents, text notes, and even voice recordings and handwritten notes or drawings (using the Penultimate app). I use Evernote as an emergency repository and store all my passport copies, scuba licenses, driving licenses, boarding passes and other important travel documents so in case I lose my device, I can still access everything from the online version of Evernote, out of any browser. Just snap a photo with your iPhone or iPad camera of whatever document you want to save, and forget it. Evernote takes care of it. Neat.


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