Why the iPhone 5 is a game changer


The new iPhone 5 is out and people get all crazy discussing whether its better than all the other phones and even whether the step from the previous iPhone 4S model is big enough.

I can only say: It’s a complete game changer. iPhone 5 is the most amazing phone ever built. And that’s not because I’m an Apple addict. Here’s why.

First, the design of this nice little thing is just so perfect, I couldn’t imagine it any better. It is so much thinner and lighter than the 4S, without using chep materials like plastic. iPhone is still sophistication in its purest form. The glass is thinner but its still glass. The back made of aluminum looks perfect and makes the phone even lighter and thinner. The difference only this makes to the 4S is gigantic.

Second, the new EarPods. They are just amazing. Honestly speaking, the old apple earphones were really not that good, and I’m happy to see real innovation and a real good product. The EarPods have earned to be part of the iPhone.

Third, lightning. We all have been waiting for a more durable and Apple-like connector to come soon. Lightning is just a logical next step for a very nice and high-value connector. Of course it means updating a few connectors now, but after 10 years we might as well understand that a company wants to update its technical base, no?

Then, iOS 6. It’s not part of the iPhone 5, of course, but its really an importnt update. Especially passbook is a function that we are to hear more in the near future, for sure. It has only just started to be the next big thing in mobile payment and admissions. We will see not just airlines, but train tickets and theatre tickets, bonus cards and so much more. Again, I am sure apple will come up with more features as soon as page first “test phase” is over. And who knows if we will still need NFC in the future?



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