Inner Spaces

Sometimes, we travel to get our space, our freedom. We can literally feel the freedom flowing through our veins when we enter an airport, or we unboard a plane on a tropical island. But sometimes it just stays the same. Because traveling alone doesn’t make us free. We always take ourselves with us on our journey. And if we’re not free inside, we will never be and feel so in the outside world.

And then we might recognize that opening up these inner spaces, creating that inner freedom, is so much more rewarding than the continuous search for that perfect spot. The perfect spot can be anywhere, you don’t have to search. Search within. Search yourself, where you don’t give yourself that full inner freedom. Maybe you don’t dare to speak up with certain people around. Maybe you feel uncomfortable with your colleagues at work because of what they may think of you. Maybe you hold back with your loved one, because you are afraid that he or she might see the “real you” and might be turning away from you.

All those things are not true, and they are holding us back from true freedom, which is a feeling rather than a place. We may all have circumstances we cannot change and that make us feel trapped, such as a job or the place we live in. But in reality it’s the limitations in our mind that make us feel unhappy. And those are things we CAN change. We might not be able to quit our job tomorrow. But we can certainly feel free inside, free to speak up, free to do whatever we desire. And we CHOOSE to stay in that job, city, relationship. Choosing is stronger than feeling obliged.


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