Dream Travelers

Some of us travel because they like to live their dreams, and some of us travel to get inspired. What is the magic of “getting away”?

For sure being constantly “on the run” means not having to be tied to one single place, to one single location. Any many travelers, as they love freedom, enjoy being able to choose their location at any given time. It is part of the pleasure. Traveling becomes a lifestyle.

Water Houses in Klong Prao

But what about those dreams? If a dream is pursued constantly, so that one day it might become reality, is it still a dream? Or has it become part of the “hard” reality and therefore no longer is a dream? And maybe loses its fascination?

And then, the question is why we have those dreams. Dreaming is an essential part of life, of motivating ourselves to achieve higher. But some of us live in a constant dream world. They deny that there is actually a world outside, and live by their own set of rules. And need to take care that their dream world is not threatened by anything.

One could say that dreams are necessary, but what about being too much stuck in dreams? What about those many people that deny reality? It is of course good to still have dreams and visions, but isn’t it taking up too much energy to conserve this “dream state”? Because then, it would be best to let go, accept reality and use this energy to create a lively, amazing reality. Down to earth. And yes, we can still travel, but for the right reasons.

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