Hotel Bathroom Amenities

Real good hotels for me always differentiate from others not only by service and quality, but by paying attention to details. The hospitality business is all about those details. Paying attention to details means doing things with all our heart. It’s what people feel when they are treated well. It’s what makes people come back.


Some hotels, especially in Europe, seem more concerned about the financial performance than anything else. You notice this from the beginning to the end. Is the Wi-Fi for free? Is the breakfast really yummy or does it taste the same every day, boring and thoughtless? How’s the decoration?

One specific thing I personally enjoy are room amenities, because they make me feel at home. Many good hotels nowadays have specific, high-quality bathroom amenities that stand out and in some cases even are the reason people come back. I have heard of people only wanting to stay at Sheraton because of their amazing Mandarin Mint cosmetic products that Bliss
produces exclusively for them. I’ve tried them, and they are amazing (as long as you dont stay in a Sheraton in China)!

Starwood in general is way ahead of the competition in this aspect (and many others). Every one of their hotel chains has a very unique identity, and a high quality amenity line. They are all produced by Bliss, and those products are usually very expensive. Their flagship brand, W hotels, features the best Bliss product in their rooms, ranging from a real good facial cleanser (and where do you get facial cleanser today!?) to a special body butter. Costs just little more, makes an amazing difference.

I discovered similar things in many Asian hotels, especially in Thailand. Bathrooms resemble little Spas here. The towels are not just hanging on a reel here, they are neatly folded, rolled and tied together with a knot. The other amenities are stored in little ceramic containers next to the sink. Those are the details people remember, and that make them feel real good.

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