Koh Chang

Koh Chang in beautiful Thailand is one of the largest islands of the country, yet one of the least developed and discovered. Which is refreshingly nice, I discovered today!

Arriving here, one lands the Bangkok Airways plane in Trat Airport, which is really just the runway and an adjacent parking spot, not even an apron. Very relaxed. Five flights per day, I am told. I start thinking: This is getting nice.


Then by mini van to the ferry boat, and off we go to the island. Lights are out very early, and so different to other Thai island retreats, you see almost no tourism. A few resorts, a few restaurants. Very few of those pink-lighted bars. Friendly people. I am feeling well in this place.

Then comes the hotel. We stay at the posh Dewa Resort, one of the island’s best-rated hotels. Got a good rate on latestays.com for a villa, and boy it IS nice. Good interior design, excellent service. Ten minutes after arrival, we are having a rum coke on the balcony!

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