Escaping It All

Sometimes, all we need is just disconnect from the world, and find this safe and quiet place where we can be for some time on our own, or with our special someone. Apart from traveling and finding exciting places, it is sometimes that our soul longs for some peace and retreat. I had this longing for some time, and decided to go to the Alps for a spa retreat. And it was good.

Spa impressions

When your senses get deprived of all the action, all the impressions that bombard us every day, it is a process that takes a while to really “clear” our senses, and to really calm down. At first, I seemed to be needing to wean off my busy life, including all the traveling, the blogs, Facebook, my iPhone and others. It was painful. And the outlook was dim: 14 days in a secluded mountain village. Alone.

After a few days, my mood went down. I needed to connect to the world. I didn’t really know why, I just felt this urge. And then I looked at this urge, and said: Why are you there? Are you helping me in any way to relax here? Because the reason i’m here is to relax! And then quietness settled in.

I started doing all those things I usually hate and avoid: Take long walks in the forest, read a couple of good books from cover to cover, eat less, drink healthy drinks, and connect to other – seemingly boring – people. And I realize this lifestyle wasn’t boring at all. It was just different. Maybe not what I want to do every day in this exact same way, but certainly I realized: I can survive this. And for me, this was really about how I will “survive” those 14 days!

Once my thoughts started to get less and less important, and the world is becoming a bit distant, my mind had a completely different angle at things. Problems can be analyzed, taken apart. Feelings can be sorted, put on different piles, and there’s plenty of time to take care of each and every one of them. That felt SO good, and I can recommend such a retreat to everyone, especially those of you folks who have a crazy lifestyle like me, who are on the road a lot, and really need to “arrive” at the most important place on earth: Themselves.

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