Lufthansa Senator Lounge in Frankfurt

I’m just stopping over in Frankfurt right now and remember I’d written a post about the new Lufthansa Senator Lounge here in the international terminal, but have never published it, so here it goes!

Well, things are changing here in Frankfurt. Lufthansa has greatly improved the quality of their lounges, and first and foremost of their Senator Lounge in the international B gates area. Before, those lounges were not only crowded without a chance to find a seat, but old and unfashionable.

The new design really strikes me as cool and hip, and – i am so delighted – there’s enough space for everyone to sit down and charge their laptop computer! The lounge is spacious and relaxed, still very Lufthansa style though, a bit cold and German. But hey, we’re in Germany.

The food is still same-old, which is the only downside. Lufthansa food has never particularly appealed to me, neither in airplanes nor in their lounges, and lamentably they continue on this path in their new lounge. Well, at least now there’s more of it. Still the standard sausage-and-pretzels cuisine. Gotta love it.

Apart from that, there’s a cool cocktail bar that makes your favorite Martini on the spot, which is pretty cool. And of course free of charge. Now you don’t find anything similar in America!

If you feel sore and want to have a shower, they’re free too, and are some of the cleanest and finest on the planet. You feel like in the bathroom of an upscale hotel, a cabin for each person. Fresh towels, nice bathroom amenities.

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